A Reputation of Success: A REPUTATION OF SUCCESS The Journey to Becoming the 3rd Largest Film & TV Production Centre in North America

A Reputation of Success

The Journey to Becoming the 3rd Largest Film & TV Production Centre in North America

Vancouver is widely recognised by industry professionals as being one of the busiest hubs for features and series production in the world. Today, the industry is the 3rd largest film & TV production centre in North America and the largest in Canada, employing more than 40,000 individuals. It has experienced six consecutive years of growth, with over $3.8 billion directly spent on features, series and commercials in 2017 alone.

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According to the data from our independent study, the total spend of B.C.’s film & TV industry has more than doubled in the last six years, from an estimated $1.6 billion in 2012 to $3.8 billion in 2017 – an increase of 135 per cent.
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In addition to the prominence of filming activity, over the course of forty years, Vancouver has gradually attracted and built the greatest concentration of global VFX & Animation houses, a top-ranked VR/AR/MR sector, and a robust games development hub for mobile, console and emerging technologies.

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Vancouver’s combination of world-class crews, infrastructure, and support from local governments and industry organizations has proven the industry’s effectiveness in ensuring global productions are produced on schedule and to the highest standards. Meanwhile, the city and its industry has enjoyed praise from numerous visiting actors, directors, and celebrities who enjoyed working in Vancouver.

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