Integrated Ecosystem: Vancouver’s Creative Industries form an Ecosystem for Success

Integrated Ecosystem

Vancouver’s Creative Industries form an Ecosystem for Success

Each of Vancouver’s creative industries are prominent clusters in their own right. Together, they are responsible for Vancouver’s immense success as a creative hub for screen-based entertainment.

Vancouver’s high concentration of world-class visual effects and animation, games development and film and television production activity has served to draw tens of thousands of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs to the city. Vancouver has also been recently recognised as a global top five virtual and augmented reality ecosystem (learn more about our 40+ year legacy).

A World-leading VFX & Animation Cluster

From the world’s first CG TV series on ABC to a succession of recent major animated feature films and highly rated television series, Vancouver has established itself as a truly world-leading centre of VFX & animation talent and technology. The industry has a long track record of producing cutting-edge animated content ranging from award-winning shorts to internationally renowned series and feature films.

In Vancouver, over 60 studios make up the VFX and Animation industry, comprising the world’s largest cluster of domestic and foreign-owned studios.
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A World-class VR/AR/MR Cluster

The famously collaborative nature of Vancouver’s media and entertainment industries makes for easy idea exchanges between content creators and platform developers. These pioneering industries are now poised to develop a new business playbook as this modern city continues its metamorphosis into a hub for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

With more than 200 businesses and organizations developing both virtual and augmented reality technology and content, the city was recently recognised as being the second largest VR/AR hub in the world.
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Interested in Joining this Ecosystem?

The Vancouver Film Commission provides tailored services to production companies seeking to set up a production base in Vancouver. These include investment and real estate intelligence, and business networking and development. If you are considering a venture in Vancouver’s vibrant film industry, be sure to take advantage of our decades of experience in global film commissions services.
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