Working in Vancouver

Consistently rated as one of the world's most liveable cities, Vancouver is also an unparalleled place to transform your career

Vancouver’s bustling and vibrant economy – home to thousands of homegrown startups and global companies – has captured the attention of skilled workers from all over the world. Couple that with Vancouver’s widespread reputation and recognition as one of the world’s most livable and diverse cities, it’s no wonder that professionals from around the globe consistently view Vancouver as an unparalleled place to transform their career.


Explore Immigration Options

Fast-track immigration policies make Vancouver a top choice for professionals and international entrepreneurs. Each year, over 35,000 global citizens are drawn to the province of BC to apply their skills and help grow the economy. Several government programs are in place to expedite this substantial inflow of skilled workers.
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Finding a Job

Vancouver companies use several job boards to promote open job opportunities. Explore the links below for a taste of the kinds of jobs that are open in the city:
BCtechjobs | T-Net | VanHack | | Indeed | GlassDoor | LinkedIn


Training & Upskilling

BC’s world-renowned post-secondary institutions are developing high-quality, industry-ready talent that’s helping our key sectors rapidly expand. The Province’s leading university, the University of British Columbia, is the second highest ranked university in the country and 30th in the world. BC universities have played a pivotal role in launching the academic careers of nine Nobel Prize winners, 69 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medalists. Three Canadian prime ministers have also been educated at UBC, including current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.