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The just transition matters because we cannot reduce emissions and prevent the worst impacts of climate change unless we can guarantee a better life on the other side of that transformation.

Best Practices for a Just Transition in Vancouver report coverVancouver has long been a leader in climate action, and has secured notable successes in protecting workers — now is the time to bring those together. As Brian Kohler memorably stated in 1996: “The real choice is not jobs or environment. It is both or neither.”

This report features a high-level definition of what a just transition could mean for Vancouver. Read it for a jurisdictional overview of just transition practices, analysis of global case studies, context for impending labour transitions in two of the city’s highest-emitting sectors (transportation and buildings), and governance recommendations for the next steps forward in our region.

Authors: Vanessa Sun
Commissioned by: George Patrick Richard Benson, Manager, Economic Transformation

With editorial support by George Benson, Claire Campbell, Sonu Purhar and Ingrid Valou

Vancouver Economic Commission