Global Gateway

The city’s global connectedness reinforces its diverse, multicultural roots

Vancouver embodies multiculturalism in every sense. Cultural and family connections – including ties to local indigenous cultures, Europe and Asia – coupled with business-friendly immigration policies make Vancouver a top choice for professionals, international entrepreneurs and companies delivering services crossing national and cultural boundaries. More than 80 countries maintain a consular presence in Vancouver, providing institutional support for the many foreign-based firms doing business here — illustrating Vancouver’s growing stature as a global business centre.

 Vancouver’s a top choice for companies delivering services crossing national and cultural boundaries

Vancouver is a Global Gateway to the rest of the world. YVR, Vancouver's International Airport, support many international flight pathsVancouver’s location offers a real edge for businesses, with the shortest distances to Asia from any major North American city and ready access to US markets including Washington State and California. Vancouver’s time zone is also a plus, offering same-day access to London, New York and Hong Kong.

As trans-Pacific traffic grows, governments and other partners are making significant investments to upgrade the capacity and efficiency of Vancouver’s global gateway, with regional transportation-related investment commitments totalling more than $20 billion.

The Port of Vancouver is the third largest port in North America, and the most diversified. It is comprised of 27 major marine cargo terminals, three Class 1 railroads, and a full range of facilities and services to the international shipping community that are together increasing regional efficiency and access. With demand ever increasing, container flow through the Port is expected to triple by 2020.

Vancouver International Airport was named Best Airport in North America, and ranks in the top ten airports worldwide.
Vancouver International Airport was named Best Airport in North America, and ranks in the top ten airports worldwide.

Vancouver’s award-winning airport, with consecutive yearly wins, is 26 minutes from downtown thanks to the Canada Line, a direct rapid-transit link to downtown. Increasingly, YVR is becoming a multi-modal hub and distribution centre with companies such as UPS and FedEx opening major, innovative facilities, while its cargo-handling capacity is expected to double by 2020. Fifty-six airlines serve YVR, connecting people and businesses to 125 non-stop destinations in Canada, the U.S. and around the world via chartered and regularly scheduled flights.

Global logistics planning and efficient delivery strategies are helping create a strong warehousing and distribution industry, so critical as demand for just-in-time shipping grows, while increasingly streamlined customs procedures between Canada and the US are helping companies on both sides of the border.