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Smart & Beautiful City

A smart city with a fast-growing workforce in a majestic setting

Consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world, Vancouver is celebrated for its striking natural beauty, ready access to beaches and the outdoors, mild year-round climate and steadfast commitment to public transit and other active transportation modes, including walking and cycling. Yet, that’s just the beginning. Beyond ocean, mountains and the outdoors, Vancouver offers so much more: namely, a business climate that’s innovative, progressive, green and approachable.

Vancouver offers a business climate that’s innovative, progressive, green and approachable.

With a thriving economy, top talent, renowned lifestyle and an enviable location, there are many reasons why Vancouver is the place to be. Its diverse economy includes exciting growth in the green and technology sectors, as well as a rapidly expanding creative sector — especially in technology, digital entertainment & interactive, and the green economy, as well as more traditional industries including tourism, forestry, mining, transportation andlogistics.

Among cities in North America, Vancouver offers exceptionally low corporate tax and hydro rates. Businesses also benefit from dedicated tax incentives from various levels of government.

Vancouver’s location is a major asset. It is in a time zone offering same business-day access to major cities including Los Angeles, New York and London. As Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway, Vancouver is readily connected to the region and its international business centres including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.


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Over the years, Vancouver has earned an excellent reputation worldwide for hosting major international events including TED, GLOBE, SIGGRAPH, the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Vancouver’s business climate is about getting business done. It’s also about doing business with a social conscience. The city is home to more than 750 social enterprises engaged in problem-solving across all facets of life.

In short, Vancouver is a modern, creative and green city — a 21st century city that is leading by example. Today, having a business with a Vancouver address offers incredible cachet, as global leaders such as Microsoft, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Amazon and Twitter are discovering.