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A beacon for global, high-quality talent

In today’s labour market, talent is hard to find. Entrepreneurs and businesses are increasingly competing for employees who are educated, skilled in niche areas and globally minded – and that’s why many companies are drawn to Vancouver. The city’s outstanding career opportunities, desirable brand, quality and affordable education, and approachable immigration processes consistently attract the world’s best and brightest. This includes emerging business leaders and more than 134,000+ international students who choose to study in British Columbia in 2021 – a province that’s ranked for having the third-best education system in the world.

Don't just take our word for it...

  • #1 City for Tech Talent Employment Growth 2017-2021, CBRE
  • Top 20 Best Student Cities in the World QS Rankings
  • 100k Skilled Workers and Permanent Residents move to BC each year IRCC

Educating Vancouver talent

Educational institutions have tapped into Vancouver’s diversity, building strong multicultural and international programs and links. These ties benefit local businesses by improving access to foreign language skills, international business practices, overseas talent and potential business partners. The benefits are mutual: professionals can transform their careers in Vancouver while companies can hire skilled foreign workers to grow their businesses.

With more than 120 unique languages identified in Vancouver’s school system, education in Vancouver is truly global. Sixty percent of kindergarten to grade 12 students speak a language other than English at home. And, the greater region includes more than a dozen outstanding institutions that complement teaching and research expertise with strong international linkages and a willingness to collaborate with businesses.

In 2018, the BC government announced an investment of $4.4 million into post-secondary institutions to increase the number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students in the province. Plans include adding 2,900 tech-related spaces that are expected to result in 1,000 more graduates per year by 2023.

International talent appeal

International talent that choose to work, live and play here quickly find that Vancouver is a smart and beautiful city. Its economy is marked by steady growth in clean technology, a rapidly expanding creative sector, and successful traditional sectors such as tourism, mining and transportation. It’s walkable (the downtown core can be traversed in 20 minutes) and bike-friendly (there are over 450 kilometres, or 279 miles, of bikeways, plus public bike share). It’s well-served by buses, light rail, sea and boats, as well as car-share through companies like Evo Car Share, Modo and Zipcar. And it’s ranked among the most livable cities in the world, offering off-the-clock amusements spanning outdoor adventure, globally influenced culinary offerings, and family-focused pursuits.