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BC Housing

BC Housing works with partners to develop, redevelop, and renovate housing buildings across British Columbia. While some construction and demolition waste from these activities is recycled or repurposed, much of it is not.

BC Housing is looking for tools that incentivize recycling and re-use of materials that are often disposed of during our construction and demolition activities.

They can be technical solutions, partnerships, and/or they could involve policy, educational and outreach activities. BC Housing constructs in the Metro Vancouver Region and province wide. We are looking for innovative potential solutions that adhere to the following:

  • Divert construction and demolition waste from landfill
  • Provide simple tracking systems and data creation
  • Require minimal staff time for implementation (ie. plug-and-play options)
  • Support the education and engagement of extremely busy staff that manage complex projects on fast timelines
  • Provide different solutions in different regions of BC and acknowledge that in some markets there are vastly more solutions available for a wider variety of recycling and reuse than others.

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Nexii designs and manufactures low carbon buildings and products that are sustainable, cost efficient, and climate resilient.

Nexii wall and roof panels form a highly insulated and airtight building envelope which greatly improves energy efficiency and reduces overall operational costs, for the lifecycle of the building. Buildings are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site. This significantly reduces build times, construction waste and community impact.

We are committed to 50% less embodied carbon in our products by 2025 and zero waste certified manufacturing. The ability to disassemble and reuse our products, keeping valuable materials in circulation for as long as possible, is key to achieving these commitments.

Nexii is looking for solutions on how to make design for disassembly and panel recovery and reuse a profitable part of our business.

Potential solutions should consider:

  • Optimizing logistics and storage (timing disassembly with next-life)
  • Contractual and economic models for product life extension (terms of purchase)
  • How to ensure the building gets disassembled at the end-of-life? Who is responsible? Who pays for panel reconditioning?
  • Navigating re-permitting challenges for subsequent builds
  • User-friendly product information systems

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Vega is a leader in plant-based nutrition and protein. We believe plants are the most powerful source of nutrition on earth – for our bodies, our minds, our communities, and our environment. Vega welcomes people to experience a life empowered by plants, embodied by our mantra: All Plant. All Welcome.

Vega has set ambitious goals around our climate action, biodiversity and waste pillars. As a brand looking to redefine our packaging of the supplements and nutraceuticals with disruptive forms and plant-based materials, Vega is looking for innovative materials and ideas that will help us create a low carbon, zero waste packaging solution; whilst still maintaining the freshness and quality of our products.

Vega is seeking innovative plant-based packaging materials that will improve our current packaging formats, as well as new packaging formats that will help us evolve beyond the typical plastic tub to meet our zero waste goals and solve for customer tensions.

New packaging solutions should solve for:

Current packaging challenges

  • Plastic centric – lots of plastic are used in the current tub, lid and scoop.
  • Inefficient shape for powdered product – conventional powder tubs leave large air gaps after product settles, ultimately using more material and reducing shipping efficiency.
  • Ergonomics – large tubs are not ergonomically designed. They’re awkward to use and store
  • Messy – tub shape and scoop usage results in spillage and mess.

Packaging opportunities & constraints:

  • Material sourced from Agri / food waste materials – we don’t want to shift a plastic problem to a land use problem.
  • Maintain a reasonable shelf life – we don’t want to increase product waste through packaging changes.
  • Be edible or dissolvable – open to explore a single serve format that is dissolvable in water or edible to eliminate majority of packaging waste.

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BC Place

BC Place is Western Canada’s “home stadium” and is the largest multi-use stadium in the province. The stadium can accommodate up to 54,500 guests for a wide range of events ranging from professional sports and entertainment to consumer shows and beyond.

BC Place is a part of the BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo), a Crown Corporation of the Province of BC. As such our mission is to deliver inspiring and sustainable experiences for our clients, guests and our community. BC Place has undertaken several initiatives in recent years to ensure that our events are more sustainable, particularly in relation to food service through our concessions. Currently, more than half of the waste generated at BC Place (not including recycling) are food scraps and organics.

BC Place is seeking all types of sustainable and innovative ways to address the large volumes of food waste generated, in a fast, effective and efficient manner.

A desired application would consider the following:

  • The high number of fast service customer transactions that occur through existing collection points within the venue; organics bins throughout the building are based on customer and kitchen self-sorting

Other considerations:

  • Limited space available on-site for solutions, depending on solution requirements
  • On average there are approximately 75 metric tons of organics produced per year, which varies depending on the number/size of events
  • The food waste is currently combined onsite and passed to a third-party for composting.

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BASF is a leading chemical company with global operations, including 14 sites across Canada, and 110,000 employees world-wide. We have ambitious plans to achieve net zero CO2 by 2050 with more efficient production and energy usage including renewables and circular innovative solutions to reduce waste.

We proudly work with customers across industries such as automotive, agriculture, mining, nutrition & health, care chemicals (cosmetics, industrials, home care) among others. Core priority areas include carbon management technologies (capture, hydrogen, electrification), bio-based and renewable and recycled feedstocks, the enabling of recyclability and/or biodegradability, and mechanical, chemical and/or battery recycling value chains.

BASF Venture Capital is interested in partnering with, or investing in start-ups who can accelerate plastics circularity and/or industrial decarbonization. Solutions can have net zero or lowered product carbon footprints, be made from recycled /renewable / bio-based raw materials (reducing fossil dependency) and/or significantly decarbonize industrial value chains. We are also open to disruptive digital- and data-driven technologies that accelerate circularity and net zero as well.

Potential partnerships would consider the following:

  • We are interested in disruptive business models that drive volumes through recycling, collection and re-use in one or more of the industries that we serve
  • Digital or materials solutions and business models with global scale potential

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