Meet the new Vancouver Economic Development Advisory Board

  • November 5, 2021

The Vancouver Economic Commission is proud to introduce the Vancouver Economic Development Advisory Board (VEDAB), which provides expert strategic advice to VEC on its proposed economic development priorities.

“VEC has an established track record of preparing for significant economic shifts up to 30 years out from the present,” says VEC CEO Eleena Marley. “As leaders in their respective fields, each member of our advisory board is uniquely qualified to help us anticipate trends and to provide feedback on VEC’s strategic priorities as we work to build a zero-carbon, just and resilient economy for Vancouver.”

The Vancouver Economic Development Advisory Board is comprised of 10 members with expertise in the just transition, economic reconciliation, built environment, market transformation, political science, artificial intelligence, Vancouver’s startup and innovation ecosystem, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, the creative economy, the circular economy, and talent attraction and retention.

  • Alice Henry, Project Coordinator, Share Reuse Repair Initiative (SRRI)
  • Akua Schatz, Vice President, Market Engagement and Advocacy, Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)
  • Carey Doberstein, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of British Columbia
  • Coro Strandberg, President, Strandberg Consulting
  • Grace Quan, President and CEO, Hydrogen in Motion (H2M)
  • Jennifer Twiner McCarron, President and CEO, Atomic Cartoons and Thunderbird Entertainment
  • Jill Tipping, President and CEO, BC Tech Association
  • Nerissa Allen, Co-Founder & President, Black Business Association of BC (BBABC)
  • Olivia Norton, Co-Founder, Sanctuary AI
  • Wade Grant, Intergovernmental Affairs Officer, Musqueam First Nation

Vancouver Economic Development Advisory Board to help catalyze future economic transformation

In addition to working on long-term industry transformation (A “Right to Food” Framework for a Just Circular Economy of Food), VEC also prepares for shorter-term industry shifts or ecosystem needs by conducting market research (Remote Work, COVID-19, and Downtown Vancouver), advising policymakers (Best Practices for a Just Transition in Vancouver), and initiating programs (Angels for Climate Solutions, Circular Economy Workshop Series).

“With the world in its fastest rate of change and Vancouver poised to be a hub of sustainability and innovation, VEC is committed to understanding and informing the transformation of our economy,” says Olivia Norton, Co-Founder of Sanctuary AI. “I am excited to support this commitment and their work.”

As an entity independent of governance or operational responsibilities, VEDAB focuses on representing a diverse local and global business community perspective.

“Ensuring that Vancouver is an inclusive and prosperous city requires input and representation from its diverse community,” says Nerissa Allen, Co-Founder and President of the Black Business Association of BC. “I welcome the engagement and the opportunity to provide feedback from the Black community on VEC’s ongoing priorities for economic development.”

Advisory board members are appointed by VEC’s board of directors through a nomination process overseen by CEO Eleena Marley.