Business leaders from the film sector, plus City of Vancouver elected officials "flip the switch" to turn on the new clean energy kiosk in downtown Vancouver

Vancouver launches clean energy initiative to provide renewable power to film sets

New clean energy charge points accelerate sustainable production by local $4 billion film and TV industry

April 13, 2022 – (Vancouver, BC) – The City of Vancouver, Vancouver Economic Commission and local film and television industry leaders today unveiled a new generation of clean energy kiosks designed for the rigours of the film industry. Each kiosk is a fixed power supply that can replace the diesel generators still powering many film sets with renewable energy drawn from the local power grid.

“We’re very enthused about some of the City’s global leadership on clean energy policy and infrastructure investments in response to the climate emergency,” says Vancouver film commissioner Geoff Teoli. “This is critically important to the health of our planet and our communities as well as a strategic advantage in attracting employers and projects that share our values.”

This landmark installation by the City of Vancouver is the first in a planned city-wide initiative to build a more sustainable film industry. Once installations are complete, film crews will be able to find a clean energy kiosk to recharge industrial battery systems within a 10-minute drive of most sets in the city of Vancouver.

“As a world leader in sustainability and film and television production, it only makes sense for Vancouver to drive solutions that help productions use clean energy to lower their environmental impact,” says Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim. “B.C.’s $4 billion film industry is one of our greatest economic assets, and productions right across our city will be cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable with the clean energy kiosk network.”

Diesel generators are the worldwide norm for powering film sets – their portability, variety and output capacity make them extremely convenient for remote locations and large sets. However, their use generates significant air and noise pollution. Replacing their use in high-demand and urban film locations is a key tactic to help green one of the city’s most significant industries while reducing their impact on neighbourhoods that see a lot of film activity. This initiative is entirely funded by the permit fees the industry pays to film in Vancouver.

“As our global industry continues to work collaboratively to find renewable energy alternatives wherever filming takes place, Vancouver is on the leading edge of sustainable development and the heart of B.C.’s $4 billion film and television production sector,” said Wendy Noss, president of Motion Picture Association – Canada. “The City’s approach to building clean energy infrastructure is a model for how municipalities can work in tandem with industry to accelerate the transition to a greener future.”

These kiosks use a new and improved technology over the first clean energy kiosk installed in 2018 in šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énḵ Square – the plaza by Vancouver Art Gallery. Since this historic installation – the first in Canada – Vancouver has shared their best practices and blueprints with other cities.

Additional quotes and statements

Gemma Martini, Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC (MPPIA) Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Martini Film Studios
“This is the kind of collaborative leadership initiative that distinguishes our city and province on the global production landscape. Acting together on shared values for environmental sustainability is transformative and – quite frankly – imperative if we are to continue to lead progressively and responsibly in this space.”

Jason Lee, Vice President, BC Industrial Relations, Canadian Media Producers Association
“Vancouver is a leading centre in the promotion of sustainable production practices. The city’s introduction of specialty power kiosks to supply renewable energy to motion picture units on location in Vancouver’s communities is a welcome infrastructure addition to help producers in BC meet their sustainability goals in a convenient and affordable manner while moving away from the use of traditional diesel power.”

Zena Harris, President, Green Spark Group
“Providing infrastructure to electrify operations on production is a bold move by the City of Vancouver. This enables the $4 billion film industry pivot away from diesel generators, normalize the use of clean tech, and provides a model for other jurisdictions.”

Mark Rabin, Founder & CVO, Portable Electric
“We’re super excited to see the Kiosk initiative come to fruition. Policies and investments from the municipal government and the exemplary work by everyone associated with Vancouver’s film industry have helped make it a global leader in sustainable production. In addition to the proliferation of mobile ‘e-generators’ or mobile battery-powered systems for various location shoots, the kiosk initiative could serve as a blueprint for the rest of Hollywood to emulate as we work together to eliminate the use of noxious diesel generators. Portable Electric is a proud partner in making this happen.”

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