Research and Key Statistics

VEC regularly releases reports, industry white papers, strategies and other publications

Are you working on a story related to a new and emerging sector? Looking for interview leads or a missing datapoint for an upcoming story? This section features research, key statistics and resources on the industries we know best – and answers to some of the most asked questions. Refer to our sector overviews and fact sheets, market forecasts and other publications in your stories about business, the economy and the future of our region.

We can provide timely data and/or analysis in the following subject areas:

  • Green economy – e.g. green jobs, green buildings market forecast
  • Creative economy – e.g. film & TV production spending, notable homegrown companies
  • Innovation Economy – e.g. successes from our startup ecosystem, investment into Vancouver companies, commentary
  • Macroeconomic data – e.g. employment trends, GDP, COVID-19 impacts

How to use and source our data: where and when possible, please link back to the relevant pages of each report or resource cited in your story.

Where to Start

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Our research team has access to additional research and data sources, and we track more than a thousand rankings and publications every year. Tap us for specific requests or referrals to others with the information you need.

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