The State of Vancouver's Green Economy - 2018 Preview - Published by the Vancouver Economic Commission

State of Vancouver’s Green Economy | 2018 Preview

  • March 20, 2018

Your exclusive preview of VEC’s “State of Vancouver’s Green Economy 2018” Report

We are excited to provide you with an exclusive preview of our ‘State of Vancouver’s Green Economy 2018’ report.

Today, one in 15 Vancouverites works in the green economy – an increase from one in 20 just 4 years ago. Inside this preview you will find additional data and examples of green economy leaders.

VEC has focused on the green economy since 2010, with several programs and projects tailored to this sector:


State of Vancouver’s Green Economy | An Early Preview of the 2018 Report
This preview of our report, ‘State of Vancouver’s Green Economy 2018’, updates you on our green economy data for two of the fastest growing green sectors – green buildings and cleantech.



We also track data and monitor trends, and the ‘State of Vancouver’s Green Economy 2018’ report provides you with the highlights.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek. Be sure to sign up to receive the full report next month; if you would like to stay in touch with other related VEC projects, you can do so by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter.

3cec242Juvarya Veltkamp

Juvarya Veltkamp, Manager Green Economy Initiatives is a strategic planning and policy expert working to grow Vancouver’s clean and green sectors. With degrees in economics and business, Juvarya’s work at the VEC includes designing and developing programs; structuring and analyzing data; and engaging and advising business leaders. She is most excited about using her networks and expertise to help bring about a renewable energy transformation.