Cleantech Capital Mentorship Program

Accelerating Cleantech Investments in 2018


What does raising $1+ million dollars look like?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to sharpen your pitch and prepare yourself for $1M+ in investment capital? This Cleantech focused installment of the Capital Mentorship Program offers a four-week program for up to 16 cleantech entrepreneurs.

From January 26 through March 7, the Cleantech Capital Mentorship Program is a combination of workshops, seminars, mentor-driven education and peer support that will test an entrepreneur’s investor readiness. Successful applicants will leave this program better prepared for the fundraising process and for deal flow events in Vancouver and elsewhere.

This three-part program begins with an information session about the how the programs works (Strategic Fundraising 101), moves into a three-week intensive workshop series (Cleantech MasterMind Capital Series), and culminates in a highly-curated investment showcase event.


Cleantech Capital Mentorship Program: How it works


Strategic Fundraising 101 | Entrepreneurs Welcome to Attend
Strategic Fundraising 101 is an intensive 2-hour deep dive into the process of raising capital. This session will provide entrepreneurs with the training, tools, and knowledge to raise the right money at the right time. Through pre-session content made available through Spring’s LMS and panel, entrepreneurs will develop a solid understanding of the process, investment deliverables, and the nuances of getting investor ready.
Date: January 26, 2017
Location: VEC Offices

Registration is Closed


Cleantech MasterMind Capital Series | Entrepreneurs Welcome to Apply
After attending the Strategic Fundraising 101, companies are encouraged to apply for the Cleantech MasterMind Capital series. 16 companies will be selected for the program. The series invites entrepreneurs to dive deeper into the capital raising process and how to prep for it. Over the following 3 weeks, Spring and select partners will facilitate 2-hour sessions to work through investor profiles & funnels, pitch preparation, due diligence preparation, and negotiation skills.
Date: Feb 14, 21, 28 and March 7
Location: VEC Offices

Applications are Closed


Cleantech Investment Showcase | Investors are Invited to Attend
The Cleantech Investment Showcase will feature Vancouver’s most promising tech startups in an intimate and highly curated deal flow environment. The event will match local & international investors with eight Canadian cleantech startups slated for international growth and vetted by a Selection Committee comprised of leading cleantech VCs. Investors will have the opportunity to share their investment theses and to identify co-funding opportunities. The Showcase is part of the GLOBE Forum 2018, the world’s largest leadership summit for sustainable business. Please note that participation in the Cleantech MasterMind Capital Series does not guarantee a spot in the Cleantech Investment Showcase.
Date: March 14
Location: Globe Forum 2018

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