The Competitive Edge of Zero Emissions and Efficient Buildings

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), and the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) have been proud to partner on the year-long events series: The Competitive Edge – Growing Your Business in the Future of Construction.

Climate policy – specifically policies focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in buildings – are driving some of the largest changes in the construction industry today. In Vancouver and BC, the two most important regulatory tools for buildings and carbon pollution are the Vancouver Zero Emissions Building Plan and the BC Energy Step Code.

The Zero Emissions Buildings Plan is a flexible phased approach to combat and reduce carbon pollution in Vancouver. The plan establishes specific targets and actions to achieve zero emissions in all new buildings by 2030, with the intention to reduce pollution, increase comfort, and drive innovation in new construction.

Outside of the City of Vancouver, local governments throughout BC can adopt the BC Energy Step Code. The BC Energy Step Code is an optional compliance path in the BC Building Code that local governments may use to incentivize or require a level of energy efficiency in new construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the current BC Building Code. Builders may also voluntarily use the BC Energy Step Code as a new compliance path towards meeting the current provincial building code’s energy-efficiency requirements.

At the second event in the series, speakers from industry leaders like Bold Construction and Ledcor join representatives from the City of Vancouver and the BC Building Standards and Safety Branch. They discuss major regulatory moves coming from local governments in Metro Vancouver in the next few years, while industry leaders will discuss successes and lessons learned in developing high-performance buildings.

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Listen to panelists speak about the ICI Sector, Step Code, and Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Building Plan

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Resources mentioned during the panel

Zero Emissions Building in the City of Vancouver
Sean Pander, Manager of Green Buildings, City of Vancouver

Provincial Buildings Policy and the BC Energy Step Code
Scott Williams, Senior Energy Codes Administrator, BC Building Standards and Safety Branch, Office of the Attorney General and Minister responsible for Housing

In the Trenches, Delivering High-Performance
Paul Warwick, Project Manager, Bold Construction

High-Performance across Scales
Morgan McDonald, Director of Operations, Ledcor Renew

About the webinar series

The Competitive Edge – Growing Your Business in the Future of Construction is a year-long, six-part series of webinars bringing together trends, opportunities, challenges, and information for the industry.

Attendees of the series will both gain valuable information and have unique opportunities to discuss key issues that could impact the industry.

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