Our Team

Claire Campbell

Manager, Brand and Design

As the in-house graphic designer, Claire is responsible for all things visual, ensuring that anything that goes out the VEC’s doors is on-brand, professional, and visually appealing. Whether working in digital or print mediums, Claire is pivotal in making VEC’s communications, research, and marketing campaigns both understandable and engaging.

Claire also manages the website and works to ensure that is a resource both fresh and up to date. In addition to her graphic and web design work, Claire also provides events support, assists in the creation of high-impact investment packages and presentations, and participates in strategic brainstorming for VEC-driven programs and projects.

Prior to working for the VEC, Claire was an assistant project manager for Club Penguin (a Disney-owned tech company in Kelowna) and finished her Bachelor of Management at the University of British Columbia. Graphic and web design has always been one of her passions and she loves that she has been able to incorporate her design skills into her daily work.