How do I find a job in Vancouver?

We are not a job service provider, however, if you are looking for opportunities within our three key sectors, below are some job boards to check out.

Tech: T-Net, BCTIA, Techvibes
Green Economy: GoodWork, ECO Canada

Where can I find economic statistics for Vancouver?

The VEC collects data provided by other agencies, and do also generate some primary data (see our Green and Local Food Jobs report). However, the best sources for the latest statistics are: Statistics Canada, BC Stats, and Metro Vancouver.

Where can I find information about Vancouver’s neighbourhoods.

Go to City of Vancouver’s Business Improvement Areas (BIA) website.

What incentives exist for businesses locating in Vancouver?

Vancouver’s built-in incentives includes its outstanding liveability – a product of decades of smart and forward-looking investments, by all levels of government, made into the city’s infrastructure and community assets. Businesses – and their employees – locating in Vancouver reap the benefits of these investments everyday, meaning work is more productive and cost-efficient.

In addition, a wealth of Federal and Provincial incentives exist that are accessible for businesses who locate in Vancouver. To find out more about specific incentives for our focus sectors please complete this form.

As a municipal government, the City of Vancouver does not offer any specific monetary incentives.

How do I procure a business licence in Vancouver?

Check out the BizPal website for information.