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Christa Clay | Manager, Economic Transformation Circular Economy

Christa Clay

Manager, Economic Transformation
Circular Economy

Christa joined the VEC in 2022 to support and further efforts towards incorporating circularity into Vancouver’s economy. Her work with the VEC began as a contributor to the Circular Food Innovation Lab (CFIL) to support business transformation in the food sector. Shortly thereafter, she was hired on to the VEC in her current role as the Manager of Economic Transformation for the Circular Economy.  

Christa is a localization advocate and committed practitioner of interdisciplinarity. Her journey from the completion of her Bachelor’s in International Relations and Global Studies set her off on a foundation of globally minded solutions that are contextually and culturally considerate. Since then, she has devoted her energy towards better understanding and contributing to our circular economy. Her Master’s in Design research articulated the value of local resources and place-based responsibility in fostering resilient communities. She has expanded this work through collaborations with circularly oriented members of the business community in Vancouver to unpack how VEC, and the greater public, can support their efforts to effect lasting change.