How it Works

GDDP has transitioned to Project Greenlight

In response to industry demand, VEC has reimagined the GDDP program as a membership-based network consisting of major asset owners in Metro Vancouver. Current members include TransLink, FortisBC, City of Vancouver, City of New Westminster, and QuadReal Properties.

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GDDP is jointly delivered by the VEC and the City of Vancouver. The VEC and City lend staff time to support the launch and implementation of each pilot project and the benefits go well beyond the provision of physical assets for temporary trials.

As the City agency responsible for managing GDDP, the VEC collects and screens applications, guides successful candidates through the demonstration process and promotes successful projects. The City is responsible for providing in-kind support and staff time to manage the installation and operation of the pilot on available assets. These could be physical installations on city assets, or the implementation and testing of digital programs by city staff.

The Demonstration Pathway

  1. Applicants submit a proposal to the VEC (adhering to GDDP’s acceptance criteria)
  2. Shortlisted applicants are invited to present their proposals to a GDDP evaluation committee comprised of senior city staff
  3. Conditional approval will be given by the committee to selected projects with final approval subject to departmental approval, the execution of the legal agreement, and other requirements (possession of CGL, good standing with registrar’s office, and business license)
  4. Execution of the pilot
  5. City of Vancouver provides testimonials/case studies
  6. VEC promotes projects and connects participants (to investors, prospective partners, and buyers)

The range of possible projects is wide. These could include anything from the use of advanced biofuels in City vehicles, devices that track real-time energy use in City buildings, or City-owned light poles for the attachment of parking spot availability indicators.

The list of available City assets is here.


VEC will endeavor to let each application know within one month of the application deadline whether or not VEC will refer the application to the City. The City and the VEC shall also endeavour to bring about the commencement of each approved GDDP installation or project within three months from the time of referral by VEC to the City.

Please note

This program is not a sales opportunity or a pathway to City procurement. Any eventual procurement would occur only following the normal process established by law and City policy, including the detailed procedures set out in the Council-approved Procurement Policy.

The implementation of GDDP projects is a variable process that depends on the resources of the demonstrator, the complexity of the technology, and the breadth of city operations that it touches upon. In all cases, we work to ensure that a demonstrator can benefit at all points of their participation in the program, even before the demonstration has gone ‘public,’ and that the demonstration moves as quickly as possible.