GDDP – Acceptance Criteria

GDDP has transitioned to Project Greenlight

In response to industry demand, VEC has reimagined the GDDP program as a membership-based network consisting of major asset owners in Metro Vancouver. Current members include TransLink, FortisBC, City of Vancouver, City of New Westminster, and QuadReal Properties.

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Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the following acceptance criteria. Only a limited number of top-ranked applicants will be approved.

In addition to the following conditions, candidates are required to possess trial-ready, fully developed prototype(s) by the time the application is submitted to the VEC.

  • Scalability – Company and technology can scale, generate future sales, and local jobs
  • Environmental (for ‘green applicants’) – a direct and measurable impact on the environment is projected
  • Implementable – products and companies are near market-ready or market-ready, and fully compatible with an available city asset
  • Minimal risk – technology has been vetted by a 3rd party stakeholder; a technology readiness scale from 7-9 is preferred.
  • No direct cost – no direct or incremental costs shall be incurred by the City for implementation

GDDP proposals should interface with municipal day-to-day operations and city services. Proposals that involve beta testing digital solutions (App or web-based applications) with city staff, where no interaction exists with other city services or infrastructure, do not qualify. Cleantech and industrial containers that use City-owned land only, also do not qualify.

Top ranked applicants possess the following characteristics:

  • Companies that significantly leverage GDDP’s benefits to grow their business
  • Applicants possessing proprietary technology and IP (trade secrets or patents), where limited substitutions exist.
  • Companies licensing another company’s technology, and distributors and resellers are eligible but will not be given preference

The VEC is responsible for administering the GDDP intake process and will present applications to the City of Vancouver for evaluation. The City retains complete discretion over its consideration of applications and will determine for itself which projects to pursue, if any. The VEC is unable to (and does not) make any promises or representations on behalf of the City.

Only applications determined to be feasible, legal and posing no significant risks to the City or the public may be permitted to proceed. Approved applications will only proceed following execution of a legal agreement defining the parameters of the demonstration or trial, and including indemnity and insurance requirements in the City’s favour.