Top 10 ways to make the most of GLOBE 2016 - Presented by the Vancouver Economic Commission. Written by Jonathan Kassian, Project Manager, Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table & CEP President

Top 10 ways to make the most of GLOBE 2016

North America’s largest business and environment conference, GLOBE 2016, is quickly approaching. Justin Trudeau’s recent announcement that he will be keynoting the conference has even more people from around the world flocking to the Vancouver event, which brings together the world’s leading companies and practitioners to discuss best practices, new technologies, and industry trends.

To help you make the most out of it, we decided to publish the advice of Delphi Group/GLOBE CEO Mike Gerbis, Pembina Institute Clean Energy Program Director Penelope Comette, RBC Small Business Manager Devon Thompson and others who were recently on a panel hosted by Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) Vancouver. The panel, moderated by the Leading Change event organizer and CEP director Andrea de Paoli, focused on how GLOBE works, what makes the conference such an important catalyst, and how to plug into the action, even with a limited or non-existent budget.

Here are the panel’s top 10 pieces of advice:

  • Attend the innovation expo and tradeshow floor: The PowerHaus Pavilion has a full schedule of interesting speakers and exhibitors, and tickets to the tradeshow are an inexpensive option for those unable to afford a full GLOBE pass. Consistently a highlight for attendees.
  • Arrive early to sessions: to meet speakers before their talk, or fellow attendees. As long as speakers aren’t prepping, this is an ideal time to introduce yourself.
  • Side events: check out what’s being put on by partner organizations, many of which are listed on the GLOBE website.
  • Know who you’re looking for: scan the program for names and faces of speakers you’re interested in so that you know who to look for in the corridors.
  • Know your stuff: staying up to date on issues, technologies, and news – especially if you know which ones are relevant to the person you’re speaking with – makes for good conversation.
  • Know what you want: if you request a follow-up meeting, be clear about what it is you want (i.e. Can we have a 15 minute coffee chat about X).
  • Ask probing questions: this is a chance for peers to show they’re raising the bar on environmental performance, and the audience is encouraged to put challenging questions to speakers.
  • Know what you have to offer: whether it’s information, contacts, or a project or business deal of interest, be confident that you are bringing something to the table.
  • Keep it brief: out of town speakers and high-profile attendees have limited time, so they appreciate a short, meaningful interaction.
  • Enjoy yourself and stay engaged: the conference is designed to inspire and engage participants, the energy there is palpable, and there’s an openness to new people, new ideas and thoughtful conversation. So get yourself in the mix and have a great time with it!

You can register for GLOBE 2016 here, including the Expo Only pass.

Jonathan KassianJonathan Kassian
Project Manager, Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table
President, Connecting Environmental Professionals Vancouver

Jonathan manages labour market forecasts and research into where the workers of the future will come from and how they’ll work, with a focus on the transportation sector and the Asia Pacific Gateway. He has previously worked as Economist & Research Manager for the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, Economist and Executive Assistant to the Chief Economist in the Office of Economic Policy, Ontario Ministry of Finance, and as a Climate Change Policy Advisor for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. In his spare time he currently serves and Board President of Connecting Environmental Professionals Vancouver, and contributes to community art projects.


Photo Source: GLOBE Series