Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Stories from Vancouver’s Economy in 2021

Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Stories from Vancouver’s Economy in 2021

VEC’s pick: we’ve done exactly what it says on the tin

The Vancouver Economic Commission has published more than 45 articles and 10 reports in 2021. If you only intend to read one thing from us all year, we suggest you pick from this shortlist of 10 can’t-miss stories on developing trends and topics in the Vancouver economy.

Can a just transition solve climate change and social inequality?

Unchecked climate change represents an existential threat to humanity. However, it’s not hopeless: if there is one crucial concept to take away from all the climate discussion taking place in 2021, it’s that a just transition is necessary for effective climate action.

A Guide to a Just Circular Economy of Food in Vancouver

In a circular economic system, waste is “designed out” of the life cycles of products and services. If you apply this approach to our food systems, it could help mitigate the 58% percent of all food being produced in Canada that is lost or wasted annually. It could also mean stronger regional resilience and risk mitigation in the event of natural or climate change-amplified disasters and weather events.

10 Indigenous-lead organizations working to regenerate Indigenous prosperity

VEC has committed to economic reconciliation as one of our core corporate pledges. Although we are still in the starting stages and have much work to do, we nonetheless invite you to join us in celebrating these visionary leaders, and in investing, engaging and supporting First Nations’ work to reclaim and build economic prosperity.

An Esports player celebrates a win at a gaming station
Esports in Vancouver
A camera man behind a camera rig on the set of a movie or tv show
Total Film & TV, post production and animation industry spend

Your Guide to Esports in Vancouver (and Beyond)

Increasingly spectated in huge stadiums or from wherever your smartphone connects to WiFi, esports is also an emerging industry in BC. Moreover, Vancouver is ideally positioned as a hub to develop the industry across Western Canada. Learn how we can – and why we should – in this first-of-its-kind report in Canada.

BC Film, TV, Post-Production & Animation spent 3.4 billion in 2020

When the pandemic ground productions to a halt, it did so during the busiest time of year. With weeks of lost time impacting pipelines, the film industry feared the worst. This update quantifies the impact of the pandemic on the film industry during the 2020 calendar year – and provides an update on the lifeline #BCfilm and post-production have been to the provincial economy since 2012.

24 people of Asian descent to watch

To mark Asian Heritage month, our team nominated two dozen leaders with qualities and notable accomplishments in the fields of innovation, creative, planning, community-building, sustainability and leadership. Be sure to bookmark them when brainstorming for panels and speaking events.

Vancouver is a green city with a low carbon economy
Growing a low-carbon economy in Vancouver
A camera man behind a camera rig on the set of a movie or tv show
Pioneering innovation in Vancouver’s life sciences sector

Is the Green Economy Good for Business? Reflecting on the Greenest City Action Plan

In 2010, the City of Vancouver’s internationally renowned Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP) sought to make Vancouver the world’s greenest city by 2020. Ten years on, our Bryan Buggey reflects on the progress made to date, and on the next steps to build a zero-carbon, resilient and inclusive economy.

Five actions essential to supercharge BC’s life sciences industry

British Columbia, and the Vancouver region in particular, has a proud history of supporting globally impactful life sciences organizations, and the industry employs an estimated one in 140 workers in the province.

Project Greenlight seeks innovative proposals to accelerate circular economy transition

The pace of our transition to a cleaner and smarter future depends, in part, upon the pace at which transit authorities, developers, utilities and other major enterprises advance their own innovation and sustainability agendas. Project Greenlight aims to accelerate this transition by using challenge-based calls for innovation that in turn provide a pivotal demonstration platform for new climate, sustainability and smart city solutions.

Economic Transformation Lab (ETL) prepares Vancouver’s economy for global trends

Foresight enables planning. VEC has a long track record of looking at emerging trends and sectors beyond the usual horizon of two to five years. In 2021, VEC regularly examined trends an entire generation or two from the present, launching the Economic Transformation Lab (ETL) research collaboration.