Winning the Talent War in Vancouver

  • September 14, 2015

Landing and keeping the right talent is increasingly a critical determinant of businesses success around the world today. It’s also increasingly difficult to do. Shifting global trends, which include technological and demographic changes, are causing almost 65 percent of CEO’s to worry about finding talent with the skills they need, according to PWC’s latest global CEO survey.

This demand for talent is evident in Vancouver’s growing knowledge economy – powered by the Tech, Digital Entertainment & Interactive and Green Economy sectors. Vancouver Economic Commission data shows that there will likely be thousands of job openings in these sectors over the next two quarters of 2015-16. Graduates from schools like the Centre for Digital Media are being told that “everyone gets a job” and tech boot camps like Lighthouse Labs boast that “100 percent of students in their accelerated programme find a job within three months after graduation.”

Recognizing this growing need for talent, the VEC has partnered with the HR Tech Group for the upcoming Talent Conference for the Tech Industry on September 24th. The PWC CEO survey showed that over 90 percent of global business leaders said they need new talent attraction strategies, yet few know where to turn. The Talent Conference will help CEO’s in Vancouver and their teams build those strategies with a wide range of programming, including VEC-led panels on overcoming immigration challenges and developing employee retention strategies.

Businesses that learn to overcome their talent challenges at the Conference will be able to better leverage the many talent advantages that the City of Vancouver has to offer. Rise of the Creative Class author Richard Florida, who says that the most in-demand employees are concentrated in cities that have the right technology, talent and tolerance, ranked our city as one of most creative in North America.

In addition to Florida’s “three T’s,” growing research suggests that the most sustainable cities also draw top talent, according to the Financial Times. That’s especially true with Millenials. Deloitte’s Millenial Survey 2015 confirmed that this age group overwhelmingly thinks “business should focus on people and purpose, not just products and profits in the 21st century.” Vancouver’s many green and social initiatives, including those of the VEC, can help them do this.

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