VEC’s Bryan Buggey named among 26 Canadian Climate Champions in lead up to COP26

VEC’s Bryan Buggey named among 26 Canadian Climate Champions in lead up to COP26

Yesterday, the British High Commission and Canada Climate Law Initiative recognized VEC Director Bryan Buggey as one of 26 Canadian Climate Champions working towards building a net-zero future.

May 4, 2021 marked six months to the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which will be hosted in Glasgow, UK. Ahead of the event, the British High Commission and Canada Climate Law Initiative (CCLI) compiled a list recognizing 26 Canadian Climate Champions. VEC is proud to celebrate our own Bryan Buggey, named alongside an all-star list that includes The Honourable Catherine McKenna, renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, and four other British Columbians.

The British High Commission has published a complete list and additional details. Read more: 26 Canadian Climate Champions Announced Ahead of COP26 in UK and Canada Live Event

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Watch this livestream recording to hear how the UK and Canada are working together to address climate change as well as meet the 26 Climate Champions in Canada.

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Bryan Buggey is a senior executive with more than three decades of experience as a business leader in entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation, management consulting, and economic development.

Since joining the Vancouver Economic Commission in 2010, Bryan has been responsible for economic and business development. In his role as director, he has led teams in charge of projects and programs aimed at supporting the Vancouver business ecosystem’s transition towards a low-carbon, circular economy. This includes investment, trade, local business engagement, research, advocacy and targeted climate initiatives.

He has been actively involved in the City’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, Greenest City Action Plan, Renewable City 2050, Zero Waste 2040, and Smart City initiatives, and brings the economic development and business opportunity lens to the conversations around public policy development.

“Across the world and locally here in Vancouver, it finally appears that we have reached a tipping point. Global corporations and major finance houses are making bold climate targets and policies, and our local SMEs are taking action. The big question remains unanswered, of course… ‘Are we moving fast enough?’ The sense of urgency has never been greater.”

Bryan has an undergraduate degree in Economics (Regional Economic Development), an MBA in IT Strategy, is certified in ESG governance by Competent Boards, and is a graduate of UBC’s Summer Institute for Sustainability. Bryan is also a member of the Canadian Climate Law Initiative, co-founded the Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate and was awarded the pan-Canadian Clean 50 Award (2017) for his leadership in green and sustainable economic development.

Hot off the press:

An excerpt from BC Business:

“Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna (who formerly held the post of minister of environment and climate change) and B.C. environmentalist David Suzuki headline a list of 26 Canadian Climate Champions released by the Ottawa-based British High Commission and the Canada Climate Law Initiative.

“Joining Suzuki were fellow BCers Linda Coady, executive director of the Pembina Institute; Vancouver Economic Commission director Bryan Buggey; W Dusk Energy Group president and CEO David Isaac, who has helped complete two of B.C.’s largest community-owned solar projects; Marcia Smith, senior vice-president, sustainability and external affairs, with Teck Resources; and Marina Melanidis, founder and co–managing director of youth-led international organization Youth4Nature.”

Please join us at the Vancouver Economic Commission in sharing your heartfelt congratulations to Bryan!