Vancouver Economy Report October 2020 | By the Vancouver Economic Commission

Vancouver Economy Report: October 2020 Edition

VEC is on a mission to enhance public understanding of 21st century economic forces, what they mean to our local economy, and to introduce new priorities and concepts for those with an interest in following economics and economic development.

VEC published the Vancouver Economy Report to complement the good work of our partners in the economic development ecosystem. We intend to introduce unique data and analyses specific to Vancouver’s economy, such as re-examining the metrics for economic success, and newly published research into traditional and emerging sectors.

While not the sole focus of this publication, these reports will also recognize threats and long-standing barriers to achieving a just, inclusive, sustainable and equitable economy for Vancouver: frontline economic crises such as the climate emergency; affordability and the widening gaps in income inequality; enduring systemic racial and gender inequality in the workplace, as embodied by the Indigenomics movement; and newer, rapidly evolving impacts, such as COVID.

Each report also features some Vancouver stories and successes – be they businesses, sectors, rankings – as blueprints for hope, inspiration and opportunity.

In this inaugural issue of the Vancouver Economy Report you’ll find:

  • Economic Snapshot – illustrating the state of Vancouver’s economy at a glance
  • Latest Rankings – how Vancouver’s economy is performing, as seen through key statistics and global rankings curated by our research team
  • Industry Update: Film & TV – how 2019 was a record year for the industry, and how it has bounced back so strongly from COVID
  • Emerging Sectors to Watch – this issue features virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and the circular economy
  • Traditional Economics: GDP – an explainer on a traditional economic concept
  • 21st Century Economics: What is Economic Development – why it means so many things to so many different people, and why the way we perceive economics must evolve

Thank you for for your interest in the Vancouver Economic Commission’s new economy report. If you are left with a new interest in – or renewed appreciation for – progressive economics, inclusive economic development or Vancouver, the VEC team invites you to reach out with any questions, comments and feedback.

October 2020

Vancouver Economy Report

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