Presenting 6 of Vancouver’s Emerging Seed-Stage Startups

Announcing The Vancouver Tech Showcase participating Startups

The Vancouver Tech Showcase is a highly curated deal flow event designed to accelerate follow-on funding through deep dive sessions with investors.

In a departure from the typical showcase format of on-stage presentations, startups will deliver their elevator pitches and field questions from small groups of investors. A portion of the evening will be reserved for the investor community to share their investment theses and areas of focus to highlight co-investment opportunities in Vancouver.

The Selection Process

Each startup in the Vancouver Tech Showcase has been rigorously vetted by an independent Selection Committee comprised of key early stage investors from Vanedge Capital, BC Tech Fund, Vancouver Founders Fund, Yaletown Partners, Highline BETA and 500 Startups.

In addition to being Vancouver-based technology or technology-enabled-service businesses, each company in the showcase was required to meet additional criteria, including being high-growth, poised for seed investment, and possessing measurable multi-month revenue streams. Read more about the Program and the Startups in the Official Vancouver Tech Showcase Program.


The Startups | FinTech

All your transaction analytics and alerts in one app. Control is a leading transaction analytics and alerts platform for SaaS, subscription, and eCommerce businesses, enabling instant intelligence anywhere via its Android, iOS, and web-based products. Control combines data from multiple sources such as PayPal, Stripe and Square to provide key metrics, without the need for manual calculation or spreadsheets.

  FTSY | | Retail Tech

FTSY is like Shazam for shoes – a mobile phone is used to snap feet, measure in 3D, and recommend shoes the fit (product style and size). People can use their profile like a PayPal account to shop with confidence in-store, or online. FTSY is built for vertically integrated footwear brands who operate their own stores and e-commerce platforms to deliver outstanding customer service. The IP is designed to be extended to multiple verticals in the $1.2 trillion clothing & apparel sector. FTSY’s performance is measured on driving conversion rates, crushing returns and improve net promoter score. The team has deep computer vision, machine learning, e-commerce (footwear) and CRM expertise. | | Social Tech

People with disabilities, (1 in 5 people worldwide) face social stigma and a 50% higher rate of unemployment; while businesses are missing out on a large, untapped pool of talent. bridges the gap between people with disabilities and the tech industry. We run a 12-week mentorship program that connects people with disabilities with industry mentors, making them employment-ready and bringing them job opportunities from businesses. Our vision is to break down the barriers and stigma around disabilities. | Health, Bioinformatics & Machine Learning

Plantiga is a company building products and services around Quantified Movement. We have an almost- invisible combination of hardware and software, in a hands free form factor, that allows an individual or coach to capture, monitor and analyze human motion in new ways. As a company we work hard to be the world leader in foot/ground interaction analytics, which is, arguably, one of the best lenses into human health and performance. | Marketing Tech

Pressboard makes it incredibly easy and affordable to buy branded content from hundreds of influ- ential publishers such as Mashable, Business Insider, Vox and more. At Pressboard, we believe that stories are better than ads. Brands leverage Pressboard’s marketplace to tell compelling stories with the world’s greatest publishers. Whether you’re interested in working with the most popular business, technology or lifestyle sites in the world, you’ll easily find your next content partner in the Pressboard Marketplace. Our technology even guarantees that every single story will be seen.

 Quupe | | Marketplace (Sharing Economy)

Quupe, a web and mobile platform, allows you to rent your things to your neighbours. For young urban adventurers who can’t  find the equipment they need for a price they can afford, Quupe (pronounced “koop”) is an online rental platform that provides an inexpensive way to get the stuff they want. Unlike bricks-and-mortar rental places that either don’t have the right equipment or make it too expensive, Quupe connects the borrower to local lenders who have unique equipment and are willing to lend it at an affordable price.

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