An interview with Joel Solomon on Cross-border Investment in Vancouver, Canada

Now is the Time to Invest in Vancouver: An Interview with Pioneering Investor Joel Solomon

Pioneering investor Joel Solomon moved to Vancouver after falling in love with the city during his forays in cross-border investing.

Through Renewal Funds – the venture capital firm he co-founded, with more than $200 million in assets under management – and his personal financing, Joel has invested in notable Vancouver companies like Terramera, Happy Planet Foods, Aquatic Informatics and many others. Here’s why Joel considers Vancouver an investor’s dream destination:

What was it about Vancouver that initially captured your interest as an investor?

I found ripe opportunities for broad innovation as a result of Vancouver’s business, cultural and physical environment. The city is a dream combination of early leadership in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, climate justice and reconciliation with First Nations peoples, paired with robust economic potential and an enviable location on the edge of a vast and relatively intact natural world.

What motivates you to continue to invest in Vancouver startups?

Our city is one of the youngest and most forward-thinking in North America. It’s a hub full of explorers of what’s possible, challenging the status quo. Our deep multiculturalism and easy access to Asia are likewise hard to match. As an early-stage city, there are significant challenges to solve, and that opens up an entire world of potential and possibilities. People here are uniquely positioned to make an impact and contribute to the future of the city and far beyond.

Can you share any insights you’ve gained through investing in Vancouver companies?

Opportunities abound in Vancouver! The city is a hotbed of new and creative thinking, where values-driven entrepreneurs create enviable investment options and tackle global challenges. Despite the number of investors who have trained their eyes on Vancouver, its potential is still barely realized.

What do you see for Vancouver’s future?

There is a robust entrepreneurial explosion underway in Vancouver, with Canada rising above competitors as an intelligent, modern nation. Creative solutions to global challenges are in the air, water and heartbeat of the city. The scale is digestible. The talent is passionate. I invite businesses, investors and entrepreneurs committed to these goals to join us as we continue building a global solutions city.

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