Announcing the Vancouver Tech Showcase Startups | Presented by Highline BETA and the Vancouver Economic Commission

Announcing the Fall 2017 Vancouver Tech Showcase Startups

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The Vancouver Tech Showcase is a highly curated deal flow event designed to accelerate follow-on funding through deep dive sessions with investors.

In a departure from the typical showcase format of on-stage presentations, startups deliver their elevator pitches to small groups of investors before fielding questions. A portion of the evening is reserved for the investor community to share their investment theses and areas of focus to highlight co-investment opportunities in Vancouver.

Leading research shows a clear need for events like the Vancouver Tech Showcase: read more.


The Selection Process

Each startup in the Vancouver Tech Showcase has been rigorously vetted by an independent Selection Committee comprised of key early stage investors from BC Tech Fund, Vanedge Capital, Vancouver Founders Fund, ScaleUP Ventures, Yaletown Partners as well as Highline BETA.

In addition to being Vancouver-based technology or technology-enabled-service businesses, each company in the showcase was required to meet additional criteria, including being high-growth, poised for seed- to Series A investment, and possessing measurable multi-month revenue streams. The Vancouver Tech Showcase also serves as the conclusion to the Discovery Foundation Capital Mentorship Program designed to better prepare local startups as they seek strategic investment opportunities.


Realty Butler | Real Estate | @realtybutlerco |

REALTORS® often have too much on their plate. They are expected to be available around the clock and at the same time to be masters of social media, design and more. Our aim is to provide REALTORS® with a team so that they can be everywhere they need to be and have the necessary expertise in all areas. Realty Butler provides website, newsletter, social media and listing management services in a simple, streamlined concierge service.

Referral Saasquatch | Marketing | @getSaasquatch |

Marketers know that a customer’s referral is the most trusted form of marketing. However, the majority of companies don’t do anything to encourage customer referrals. In the early days, referral platforms were crude, adapted from affiliate marketing and didn’t deliver the flexibility required to drive customer revenue growth as promised. At SaaSquatch, we believe that the end customer experience always comes first. We know that friction is the enemy of conversion. We know the right reward turns a friend into a hero, not a salesperson. We understand that a customer’s journey will cross platforms, mediums and the digital / real world divide.

Routific | Logistics | @Routific |

We have built a route optimization platform that empowers last-mile delivery businesses to work smarter and more efficiently, saving up to 37% in driving time and fuel consumption. Manual route planning is an epic waste of precious time, money and resources. Businesses are unable to deliver to their customers on time, and their growth and profit margins are bottlenecked because of poor logistics. Business owners and fleet managers struggle for hours when planning daily routes. Some use pen and paper, while others use spreadsheets or hire dispatchers. Routific changes this, in an era in which home deliveries are exploding.

Vodasafe | Safety | Website Coming Soon
VodaSafe Inc. is a hardware start-up company that has developed the AquaEye™, a handheld search and rescue device for waterfront rescue. VodaSafe was founded by Carlyn Loncaric, an engineer with over 10 years lifeguarding experience. Having worked in rescue and witnessed first-hand the trials and tribulations of water rescue, Carlyn envisioned the product as a simple tool in hand that would help save lives. Current waterfront rescue methods are archaic, slow to deploy and prone to error. Water clarity makes waterfront rescue extremely difficult and time consuming and in rescue, every second counts. The AquaEye™ changes everything, with the potential to save hundreds more lives each year; it’s easy to use, requires only one rescuer to operate and displays a drowning victim on the screen within seconds. VodaSafe believes the AquaEye™ will do for waterfront rescue what the AED or portable defibrillator has done for CPR.

Dooly | AI-Driven Data Platform |

Dooly is an AI-driven platform that helps bridge the gap between taking notes and seamlessly sharing information. It uses a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and speech analytics to free up people’s time, while enriching company data—putting resources in the hands of users when they need them most. In a nutshell, Dooly is smart notes and smarter selling — notes that talk to everything (so you don’t have to).

Tzoa | HVAC and Internet of Things | @mytzoa|

TZOA (pronounced ‘zoa’) is the world’s most advanced Enviro-Tracker. TZOA uses internal sensors to measure your air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure all in one wearable device. By connecting TZOA to your smartphone, you can view your readings and receive recommendations. It’s your environment at your fingertips.


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About the Discovery Foundation Capital Mentorship Program
The Discovery Foundation Capital Mentorship Program is designed to help early-stage, for-profit entrepreneurs become more strategic in raising capital critical to accelerating their ventures. The program is a series of impactful events featuring panels, workshops, pitch training, investor–company matching and networking opportunities.

This program will most benefit CEOs and founders of growth-oriented technology and impact economy companies in Metro Vancouver who have already launched a product or service. Their companies generate revenue and are ready to seek external sources of funding to accelerate growth; they are planning their investment strategy and are looking at a timeline of raising over $1M in investment capital in the next six months.