Reshaping Energy 2017: Opportunities and Impacts of Reducing Canadian GHG Emissions

Logo for Reshaping Energy 2017: Opportunities and Impacts of Reducing Canadian GHG Emissions

As Canada steps up its game in addressing greenhouse gas emissions, there is a lot of chatter about the next steps in this process and how Canada as a nation could ensure that the decisions made now will be the right ones for the future. Find out what these steps could be by engaging with industry, policy & public leaders at this conference hosted by the Conference Board of Canada.

The Conference Board of Canada has undertaken a major study on how to de-carbonize Canada’s economy over the next 35 years. This study will introduce more evidenced-based work into what has largely been, until now, high-level commentary. It will add detailed economic analysis to a range of technical pathways identified by the Canadian Academy of Engineering as part of the Trottier Energy Futures Project. The results of this work will be released for the first time at this event forming a key part of the agenda and discussion.

Here are some of the pressing questions around this important issue that will be addressed at the conference:

  • What will the economic and social impacts of reducing GHG emissions be according to the Conference Board of Canada study?
  • How will emerging GHG policies and targets impact your business?
  • How will they reshape Canada’s economy and trade opportunities?
  • What can and cannot be achieved in the key sectors in the short-to-medium and longer term time frames?
  • What will tomorrow’s green economy look like?
  • How can Canadian economic growth be facilitated during the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  • What policy actions are needed?
  • What inputs are governments looking for from the industrial sector?
  • What is the role of the general public?

Check out the full agenda & register here.