PG Connects London 2017

  • Jan 16th, 2017 - Jan 17th, 2017, 8:00am - 11:00pm
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The Biggest Mobile Games Business Conference in Europe

Pocket Gamer Connects is the conference series that reaches the heart of the mobile gaming industry. Curated by the teams responsible for the world’s leading mobile gaming publications, Steel Media produces this essential event for anyone wanting to meet, hear, and learn from leading figures from every corner of the mobile games industry.

Introducing the Level Up: Vancouver, British Columbia Pavilion

Back for 2017, the Level Up: Vancouver, British Columbia Pavilion and now in partnership with the Province of British Columbia, the Vancouver Economic Commission is once again bringing together top studios from Vancouver and British Columbia to showcase and facilitate business growth at the PG Connects mobile games conference in London.


Meet the Level Up delegation:

ESG East Side Games is a proudly independent and profitable game studio with a collaborative, creative, and fun culture. Their games fund all our new projects, and everyone who works here has a direct impact on the day-to-day business. Over the past 5 years East Side Games has collectively achieved over 20 million downloads and well over a million unique players every month across all titles.

Website | @eastsidegames

GreenStone Greenstone Initiatives, founded in 2016, provides business & strategic consulting to companies across interactive and technology innovation. Current clients/projects include:
AMPD Game Technologies: a 20+ year technology solutions company focused on the video game industry. AMPD addresses the specific infrastructure requirements and challenges faced by game developers and publishers, both in the studio and with live game deployment.
Nodding Frog Limited: Nodding Frog is the publisher of Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, a mobile RPG set in the Iron Maiden universe.

Website | @jameshursthouse

V2 V2 Games is a mobile development and publishing studio in Vancouver, BC. With over 8 million downloads on iOS and Android across both original as well as high-value licensed IP, we specialize in co-development projects with partners from all over the world.

Website | @V2GamesStudio

Archiact Archiact is an immersive reality studio headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with an additional office located in Shanghai, China. Archiact specializes in virtual reality and augmented reality games, publishing, and business solutions. Founded in 2013, Archiact is one of the world’s largest dedicated immersive reality studios and has been recognized as such by Google, CNET, NextBC, Gaming Awards, and more.

Website | @ArchiactVR

SGI Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. (“SGI”) is a privately held, independent gaming studio located in Vancouver, BC. The studio is founded and run by industry veterans with a proven track record of developing highly-acclaimed AAA titles and successfully launching new intellectual properties including the critically acclaimed title “Company of Heroes”.
SGI’s most recent release of Age of Empires: Castle Siege has been well received worldwide and has been a top grossing game in the windows store since its launch.

Website | @SmokingGunInc

PoweredbyMotiveMark is a platform that greatly simplifies the development of location-based AR games and apps. It is comprised of an online authoring tool and a Unity template. The platform allows users to trigger media based on many of the sensors and services of a smartphone. Triggers can be GPS, beacons, types of location such as a bank or a park, time of day, weather, day of the week, activity from other users and more. Media can be text, images, audio, binaural audio, video, or AR. will save your team months in development time.

Website | @motive_io

KoolhausLogo Award winning Koolhaus Interactive & Games Inc., is Vancouver, Canada’s longest established mobile app and game development studio, founded in 2005. Koolhaus recently scored a Number 1 on the iTunes App Chart with MyNBA2k17, this being the 3rd Number 1 chart success for the studio. With 17 successive 8/10+ critically reviewed apps and games, 7 of which were Top 10, Koolhaus has a solid track record of developing high quality apps & games in a variety of genres. Koolhaus also has an active R & D group focused on developing leading edge augmented reality and artificial intelligence solutions.

Website | @koolhaus_inc

Work at Play Work at Play is a digital agency on the leading edge of an ever-changing digital space. We work with you to extend your customer and brand experience online and deliver measurable business results. We’re nimble, we’re creative, and we’re experts in our field.

Website | @workatplay

Tutela Tutela is an Anonymous Data Monetization (ADM) company which generates revenues for mobile app publishers using mobile network quality data collected in the background. Tutela collects data about mobile network coverage and quality which it sells to the telecoms industry to help improve the worlds mobile internet by identifying bad coverage areas. Tutela then shares its revenues with its partners who can make over $1M per year. Tutela is based in Victoria, Canada and London, England.

Website | @TutelaTech