Join us on February 15 for the Top 10 Climate Solutions Selection!

Online Event | Top 10 Climate Solutions Pitch Night

Join us on February 15 for the Top 10 Climate Solutions Selection!

Are you interested in investing in climate solutions? Keen to keep an eye on up-and-coming startups in Vancouver and BC? Be sure to mark your calendars for this Pitch Night, which showcases 19 of our ecosystem’s most promising climate solutions startups.

The pitch night is part of Angels for Climate Solutions, a program designed to accelerate investment into climate solutions by empowering a diverse community of startups and investors with new connections and shared values, and ultimately awarding a single startup from this cohort with $100,000 in investment. This pitch night (registration link below) will narrow down the list of contenders from 19 to 10.

Meet the Startups!

What does a climate solution look like? According to these 19 BC startups, it could be smart water, responsive buildings, solar infrastructure, and novel substances to use in design work. Meet up the 2022 Angels for Climate Solutions startup cohort:

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Watch the Top Ten selected – Live

The variety of climate solutions is apparent in the makeup of the founders featured this pitch night – more than half of the founders come from underrepresented groups, including women – as well as in the ideas they are progressing. Attendees will meet 19 startups, hear about solutions ranging from smart water and intelligent building systems, breathing new life into used rubber tires, cleaner transportation options, and advancements in material sciences.

With such a diverse set of products and services, which of the featured startups will continue their journey to receive $100,000 in investment? Join us on the February 15 pitch night to find out.

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