Leading Cities for Sustainable Production

On October 3rd, Leading Cities for Sustainable Production will bring together invited executives from cities, studios, and film funds who are driving the adoption of best practices in sustainable production and contributing to policies that support greener filmmaking around the globe.

Roundtable dialogue will address the following questions:

  •  What kind of sustainable production activity is pushing policy to adapt or catch up?
  •  What barriers continue to exist that deter or limit sustainable production?
  •  What will it take to mandate sustainable production in your jurisdictions?
  •  How can we work together to embed sustainable practices in all productions?

Participants are also encouraged to share best practices & success stories:

  •  Successful partnerships between productions and policy makers
  •  New funding schemes that are driving change
  •  New innovations for sustainable production made possible by collaboration

While this is a closed-door policy session, this page will be updated with links to more information and best practices later on, so watch this space!

We are delighted to announce the participants attending Leading Cities for Sustainable Production

Kenneth Ebie Executive Director of External Affairs NYC Office of Media & Entertainment
Sophie Delorme Vice-Director of Environmental Responsibility / Co-Founder France Télévisions / EcoProd
Paul Evans Co-Founder Greenshoot
Luca Ferrario Director / Vice President Trentino Film Fund and Commission / Italian Film Commissions
Amy Lemisch Executive Director California Film Commission
Lydia Pilcher Vice-President, Motion Pictures / Producer Producer’s Guild of America / Cine Mosaic
Lisa Day Director, Energy Initiative 20th Century Fox
Mike Slavich Director of Sustainability Warner Brothers
David Shepheard Vancouver Film Commissioner Vancouver Economic Commission
Sandi Swanigan Senior Manager of Film & Special Events City of Vancouver
Sandi Richter Cooper Film Commissioner of BC Creative BC
Zena Harris Creative Director Green Spark Group


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