Internet of Things: Cybersecurity

  • Tuesday, Jan 24th, 2017, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Category: Technology
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On Tuesday January 24th, Vancouver Entrepreneurs Forum and Ready Room Briefings will host a discussion on the security and privacy concerns of our rapidly interconnected world of the Internet of Things.


Last Fall, you were more than likely affected by the largest cyberattack in history against the Internet. The tool responsible for the attacks was prophetically called “Mirai” or Japanese for “The Future” and was responsible for knocking offline thousands of websites including Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, CNN, The Guardian, Visa, Slack, and Github.

The attacker’s weapons of choice? Your technology.


Meet the Panel:
Toufic Boubez, VP Engineering, Machine Learning, Splunk
Adam Shostack, Founder, Confidenza Security
Richard Henderson, Global Security Strategist, Absolute Software
Ryan Wilson, CTO, Kubera Payments
Alex Dow, President of The Mainland Advanced Research Society (moderator)


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