Construction workers and a project manager gather around a laptop, investment plans, and building maps.

Competitive Edge Webinar Series: Investing in Our Competitiveness (Session 6)

  • Thursday, Feb 10th, 2022, 8:30am - 10:00am
  • Category: Green Economy

The construction industry is undergoing considerable change. As the industry transforms as a result of digitalization and industrialization, it must also adapt to significant changes in regulation such as the BC Energy Step Code. At the same time, companies can take advantage of new opportunities – like increased urban density and infrastructure development – and plan for potential challenges caused by an ageing population or the climate emergency.

In anticipation of the future intersection of policy, trends, and the potential for leadership, the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), and the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) are partnering on a series of webinars for leaders in the construction industry (learn more about the Competitive Edge Webinar series).

Members of the construction and building industry are invited to attend this ‘Competitive Edge’ series. The sixth and final session will provide time and space for reflection and discussion on all of the learnings throughout 2021 and look at how industry stakeholders can all work effectively to grow the competitiveness and resilience of the construction sector in 2022 and beyond. The session with begin with welcoming remarks and context, and then open up a moderated dialogue with VRCA members and others to talk about how Vancouver can build its competitive edge in the coming years and, importantly, where more collaboration or learning may be needed from other markets.

Join this webinar for:

  • Overview of key learnings, information, and discussions from the 2021 series, including, forthcoming code and policy changes, technology adoption trends, and learnings from industry leaders
  • Reflections and commentary from VRCA, ZEBx, and VEC leadership about their organizations’ priorities for industry support and capacity building in the coming years;
  • Open discussion and reflections from all participants about needed programs, supports, and potential collaborations to build industry capacity and competitiveness;
  • Open discussion about ways to leverage market transformation and competition initiatives from other markets in the Vancouver context

Hosted by:

  • Donna Grant, President, VRCA


  • George Benson, Sector Manager, Built Environment, Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Roberto Pecora, Director of Programs, Zero Emissions Building Exchange
  • Stefan Sattler, Renewable Energy and Green Building Expert, City of Vienna

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