A Thinking Ape’s Game Jamboree

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All play and no work makes for a vibrant culture at A Thinking Ape


A Thinking Ape is keen on fostering the best work culture possible and thinks that their spin on a game jam is an innovative way to do just that. Their 60-person team will participate in a three-day sprint to collaborate and flex their creative muscles in a playful environment. This is considered an oddity in the broader tech industry.

“Game jams usually come with the expectation that employees will generate some sort of work product. We want to scrap that and focus on giving our people the chance to work on something for the sole purpose of having fun,” says Tayber Voyer, Director of Product at A Thinking Ape. “Our team is insanely talented and we’re excited to see what they come up with when given the freedom.”

This game jam coincides with the upcoming global release of their new franchise, Kingdoms of Heckfire, so the game jam teams have just one restriction: their games must be set in the Kingdoms of Heckfire universe.

All of this fun and madness culminates on July 14th in a Game Jamboree: an open house style event for the public. A Thinking Ape invites guests to play any new games the teams created, vote on their favourite, meet the A Thinking Ape crew, check out their studio and get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released Kingdoms of Heckfire.

Snag tickets to the Game Jamboree and check out one of Vancouver’s most fun and prominent mobile-gaming studios.