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50 Ways to Make an Impact

3cec242Pietra Basilij

Pietra is the Vancouver Economic Commission’s lead on sustainable community development. She works primarily with industrial businesses to spur the shift to a more circular economy, support the development of smarter logistics systems, and create a stronger business ecosystem for innovative, creative, and sustainable industrial operations.


Once every couple months, someone tells me I have the best job in the world… and I don’t disagree.

In part, this can be attributed to the brilliant team I work with and the wonderful projects I get to work on, but the best part, by far, is getting to know an incredible array of inspiring people—business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs who are pouring their energy into changing a small slice of Vancouver while inspiring new approaches to business across the planet.

Given that I get to encounter these people everyday, you can imagine my surprise when I couldn’t think of a good answer to the question “how do you define an impact-based business?”

After all, how do you package up a fashion business that’s trying to break the global fast-fashion trend and a distribution business that’s actively reducing congestion and taking vehicles off the road? What ties together a roofing company that’s transitioning to a renewable energy company and a farmer that’s growing food inside people’s homes allowing them access to fresh produce 365 days of the year?


So what does it mean to be an impact-based business?

In our office, we’ve started defining impact-based businesses as the organizations and companies that are creating vehicles for change. Not specific enough for you? Follow this blog throughout the month of May as we highlight a handful of vastly different approaches to becoming an impact-based business.

You can also join us on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #Impact50Ways to contribute to the conversation by telling us how your organization is creating impact.

Most importantly, come connect with fellow impact-based businesses during a week long series of Startup City: IMPACT events, June 6th – June 10th.


How to learn more about being an impact-based business:

Step 1: follow along on this blog

Step 2: contribute to the conversation on instagram or twitter

Step 3: join us during Startup City: IMPACT June 6th – June 10th