This Textile Challenge is an interactive workshop developing new markets and applications for used textiles. Part of Sustainable Brands 2018.

Vancouver-based entrepreneurs are creating with the accumulation of used textiles in the region by developing new products, markets, and processes that take advantage of a resource that is treated as waste around the world. Join this interactive workshop to lend your knowledge in the emerging practices of reuse, repurposing, and recycling.

The TEXTILES CHALLENGE @ Sustainable Brands features local entrepreneurs who are creatively addressing the growing resource of used textiles and breaking new ground in the process. Global brand representatives attending Sustainable Brands will engage with local entrepreneurs and Vancouver-based global brands to explore the possibilities available in this region. British Columbia is a net importer of used textiles with an extensive and efficient collection and sorting infrastructure. The possibilities are endless.


Who Should Apply?

This interactive workshop depends on a meeting of minds across scales and regions. We invite representatives from global brands in the areas of marketing, operations, supply chain management, production, distribution, and ideation to join this workshop.

Benefits to Global Brands

  • Build deeper connections within the industry of brands investing in textile waste reduction strategies
  • Gain insight and perspective on the global scale of textile waste while taking inspiration from the opportunity in BC
  • Spark ideas or processes within your company that take advantage of the vast and largely untapped resource represented by used textiles

Benefits to Local Entrepreneurs

  • Learn from global brands about current initiatives to reduce textile waste and harness used textiles as a resource
  • Get feedback and tough questions from some of industry’s brightest minds tackling textile waste and reuse
  • Build connections with global brand representatives who are also considering used textiles as a resource

Interested? Apply!

Applications are now closed.


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