GDDP: Local Disruptor Portable Electric Demos Sustainable Events

  • August 9, 2017
Logo for GDDP: Local Disruptor Portable Electric Demos Sustainable Events

Last week, Portable Electric launched a demonstration of its VOLTstack through the Green and Digital Demonstration Program with the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Economic Commission. As part of the Canada 150+ celebrations, Portable Electric worked with BrandLive Group to bring renewable power to the Drum is Calling festival and deliver a greener event.

Portable Electric builds and sells the VOLTstack series of silent emission-free power stations for the film, event and construction industries.

A VOLTstack is a renewable energy alternative to the traditional gas and diesel generator. It is better for the environment, it requires no expensive fuels, and it is quieter cleaner and healthier to work around.

Hospitality and Film & TV Industries Ripe for Transformation

Mark Rabin, the founder and owner of Portable Electric, is a long-time advocate for more sustainable events and portable generation usage. Rabin points out that through the minimal effort involved in replacing the traditional diesel generators with renewable electric ones, key industries such as Vancouver’s enormous Hospitality and Film & TV sectors are poised to make huge gains while lowering their emissions and improving overall efficiency.

Rabin’s persistence and advocacy continues to pay off for the Portable Electric team and its clientele: the VOLTstack and the jaunty green banner marking its presence is now an increasingly familiar sight to those looking for it in Vancouver events. Over the past couple of years, Portable Electric has powered a string of prominent festivals and events, including The Drum is Calling, Bass Coast and Blessed Coast music festivals, the Vancouver Farmers Markets, various Car Free Days, and the inaugural Great Climate Race.

With talks ongoing with major television companies in Los Angeles, the sky is the limit for Portable Electric.

 Green & Digital Demonstration Program builds trust and awareness in products by adding City of Vancouver to participants’ portfolios

Through the GDDP, Portable Electric and other companies have access to key City of Vancouver assets and will gain strength from association with the City of Vancouver’s $31 billion green brand. Portable Electric hopes to generate awareness and buzz about their product—an objective previously achieved by other program participants. After joining the GDDP, LoopShare raised significant capital for their electric scooter sharing service, and attributed it to their increased profile.

Early adoption by large organizations like cities, transportation centres and film productions go a long way towards building the trust necessary for a product like the VOLTstack. Startups in Vancouver’s robust cleantech sector are well-supported throughout their R&D stages but tend to suffer setbacks when approaching financial institutions for the funding necessary for scaling up and bringing their products to market and abroad. Buy-in from corporate and public institutions goes a long way to combat risk aversion, and will play a vital role in bringing more of Vancouver’s standout cleantech to the global market.

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