Competitive Edge Webinar Series – Maintaining Competitiveness in Complex Times

Competitiveness in Complex Times – How Can Vancouver’s Construction Industry Stay Strong and Innovative?

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), and the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) are proud to partner on the year-long event series The Competitive Edge – Growing Your Business in the Future of Construction.


Construction is undeniably changing, from significant regulatory shifts – such as the BC Energy Step Code – to industry trends towards greater digitalization and industrialization. In recent years, Vancouver construction businesses have shown incredible leadership and innovation, particularly as we move towards net-zero emissions and the more widespread use of mass timber, but threats and challenges – such as an ageing workforce – remain.

The series kicked off on April 29 with speakers from the VEC, VRCA, ZEBx, and the BC Building Safety and Standards and Safety Branch offering a broad overview of the types of changes the industry is facing, including digitalization and new regulatory requirements.

The conversation was wide-ranging, and touched on many present and future trends, threats and opportunities.

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Listen to panelists speak about major regulatory changes coming this decade, advances in industry trends and best practices. Plus learn about new initiatives that are working to build construction sector capacity.

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Resources mentioned during the session

Below is a comprehensive list of resources mentioned during the event that businesses will find useful:

Construction Sector Innovation Threats and Opportunities

Jason Glue, President, JG Strategies

Policy and Regulatory Intentions and Trajectories

Andrew Pape-Salmon, Executive Director, BC Building and Safety Standards Branch, Attorney General and Minister responsible for Housing

The Economic Potential of the New Construction Economy

George Benson, Sector Manager for the Built Environment, Vancouver Economic Commission

Building Capacity in Industry Today and Tomorrow

Roberto Pecora, Director of Programming, Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx)

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