A city worker installs a Pello smart sensors to public realm garbage and recycling bins across Vancouver to track fill rates and service patterns

City of Vancouver Teams Up with RecycleSmart for Data Insights on Public Garbage and Recycling Collection

In support of its Zero Waste 2040 goal, the City of Vancouver has partnered with RecycleSmart on a new pilot project that will help to bring a deeper understanding of local waste patterns and opportunities for increased diversion.

The data driven pilot project, powered by RecycleSmart’s recently launched Pello smart waste platform, will include the installation of innovative sensors to public realm garbage and recycling bins across Vancouver to track fill rates and service patterns.

RecycleSmart is Canada’s leading recycling and waste management company, and after successfully applying to the City of Vancouver’s open call through Project Greenlight – a process that involves a shortlist review and direct pitch session – RecycleSmart was selected for this pilot.

The pilot with RecycleSmart involves the use of a compact, rugged laser sensor, tested and connected to the Pello smart waste management platform. Following hardware testing, the sensors will be installed on 75 waste bins across the city, and monitored for a period of 12 months. The sensors will provide fill level data three times per day, as well as data on historical trends, all accessible via a user-friendly web dashboard. The overall data will be used to inform future waste bin installations, service frequency, and seasonal service adjustments.

“RecycleSmart is excited to bring the power of the Pello system to one of the world’s greenest cities,” said Colin Bell, CIO of RecycleSmart. “This is a great example of using technology to improve the daily life of citizens, making Vancouver a better place to live, work and play.”

“The City of Vancouver is looking forward to partnering with RecycleSmart to further increase efficiencies within our Street Cleaning Service,” said Albert Shamess, Director, Solid Waste Management and Green Operations. “This pilot is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the use of our public realm waste bins and infrastructure, allowing us to deliver a more tailored, data-driven service.”

Feeling inspired? City of Vancouver, along with Project Greenlight members FortisBC, TransLink, and City of New Westminster, have posted active calls for innovation on the Project Greenlight website. For more information about the program, including the registration and proposal process, contact John McPherson, Program Manager, at jmcpherson@vancouvereconomic.com.


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